fishing · 08/01/2018
Our latest book, plus what we're working on next.
Instagram · 07/09/2018
The story behind all the pictures that *don't* make it to Instagram.
fishing · 07/02/2018
Remembering a childhood filled with fishing adventures, musings about Bass Pro Shops and River Monsters, plus news about when our latest book will be released.
writing · 05/06/2018
Trying to decide what our next book will be.
authors · 04/26/2018
What do writers read when they're not writing?
writing · 04/16/2018
The importance of the right villain for a good story.
writing · 04/11/2018
The answer to the question, "is this going to show up in your book?" is always Yes.
writing · 04/07/2018
Coping mechanisms and dealing with deadlines.
animals · 04/01/2018
What one half of the writing team does for realsies that the other half has no chance of doing, ever.
animals · 03/01/2018
A futile attempt at hiding cookies from the dogs.

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