writing · 05/06/2018
Trying to decide what our next book will be.
authors · 04/26/2018
What do writers read when they're not writing?
writing · 04/16/2018
The importance of the right villain for a good story.
writing · 04/11/2018
The answer to the question, "is this going to show up in your book?" is always Yes.
writing · 04/07/2018
Coping mechanisms and dealing with deadlines.
animals · 04/01/2018
What one half of the writing team does for realsies that the other half has no chance of doing, ever.
animals · 03/01/2018
A futile attempt at hiding cookies from the dogs.
love · 02/15/2018
Finally sailing free of the 'must be a couple' waters of Christmas, New Years Eve, and Valentine's Day.
writing partners with two wildly different mindsets
The great news is you are in charge of every tiny detail. The bad news is...

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