About Us

P.S. Witte is the collaborative team of Paula Witte & Stephanie Witte. In addition to their novels, they have written over two dozen screenplays, and  have had the pleasure of attending the Austin Film Festival on multiple occasions.


Paula worked in the corporate world in a previous life before opting to pursue her dream of writing. Her fascination with sharks led her to the works of Xavier Maniguet and Rodney Fox, eventually leading to her final graduate work surrounding the 1916 New Jersey Man-eater hysteria, which many believe was the real-life inspiration for the book/movie, "Jaws". 


Stephanie is a former art teacher, who went on to supply drawings for the Department of Conservation, then moving on to become an acclaimed sculptural artist whose one of a kind pieces are featured in both public and private galleries; her original artwork is featured on the cover of many of their books.