About Us

P.S. Witte is the collaborative team of Paula & Stephanie Witte. They live in the Midwest, in a city that claims to be the birthplace of Route 66.


Paula went to the same school as Brad Pitt; sadly, it was not at the same time. However she did see his brother at the gym once, and her sister once waited on him when he was buying books at Barnes and Noble.


In addition to writing, Stephanie is an acclaimed mixed media artist; her work can currently be seen at the Waverly Gallery. She is most known for her steampunk sculptures, as well as her Gothic interpretations of classic fairy tales (she did an entire line based on Cinderella).


They try to incorporate real-life experiences into their books, to establish a sense of camaraderie with their readers. For example, the haunted house descriptions in Haunted Hijinks are based on Paula's experiences going thru haunted house attractions (she even dated someone who was working as Freddy Krueger in one of them).