Even cute dogs can take bad photos

As some of you may have come across, we have recently started an Instagram account. Not for us, because although writers do have exciting and fulfilling lives, our particular passions may not be the most popular. (example: I recently confessed my glee at the approaching Back to School sales, because of how cheap notebooks and pens are to hoard during this time). So instead, we decided to introduce two of our furry muses (and the subject of more than one blog post), our dogs. 


Cooper (the black one) is a Labrador/Boxer mix; he is all legs and a giant ball of energy. Oscar (the brown and white one) is a Parsons Terrier; he is so freakily smart that I made up an entire backstory for him where he is actually an alien who crash-landed in our koi pond. Both recognize the Starbucks logo, are spoiled beyond belief, and are masters at convincing you into giving them treats. 


I had pictured our first Instagram photo shoot in my mind at least a dozen times. In it, the dogs would pose perfectly, the lighting would be just right, and it would all take about 10 minutes. In reality, it took nearly an hour to get a usable shot; the scarf that I had envisioned Cooper wearing looked more like he was either wearing headphones or was getting ready to do the washing. We fed him so many treats I was surprised he was hungry for dinner later that night. Oscar didn't fare much better, especially as he was trying to look cool and not stare at the Starbucks cup right next to him while he was obviously planning how to knock it over and drink what was inside (fooled him - it was my macchiato and I'd already finished it).


These outtakes were clearly not Instagram-ready. However, they also made us laugh for about a half hour solid. So, we decided to share them here on our website so others might also get a chuckle out of them.  If you want to see the ones that did make it to Instagram, you can find the dogs at @writersdogs where they take turns being adorable. And if you want to see the ones that *didn't* make it to Instagram, click on Instagram Outtakes and have a laugh or two. Have a great day, and I will talk to you soon!