This Isn't Comedy, This is Fishing

When I was a kid, I would always look forward to visiting my grandparents on their farm; not only did they have what seemed like every fruit you could ever want (strawberries, gooseberries, snow apples, persimmons, blackberries) just waiting to be picked, they had a pond that was stocked with catfish. Although most of the adults enjoyed the fight that a catfish put up, my sister and I didn't fish for the catfish; we usually had simple bamboo fishing poles that we would catch the bluegill and sunfish that hung around the pond bank. And later in the evening, while grandpa was cleaning the days' catch, we would help grandma feed the fish in the pond, who came up like a huge fish wave when they heard the shaking of the feed bucket. It seemed almost magical to watch them appear; there was even an albino catfish (you had to throw that one back if you happened to catch it). 


Now we live where Bass Pro Shops started, and with a close proximity to lakes in practically every direction, fishing is a HUGE deal. So it would seem appropriate that our latest book would be about fishing, and the misadventures that can occur while you are trying to fish. I don't personally swim in any natural body of water because I *freak out* when anything in the water swims up and touches me (I still remember coming face to face with what I recall as a fish THE SIZE OF A GROUPER after coming down the water slide in the now-defunct River Country). I also still have trust issues stemming from a time that I tried to pull a friend of mine out of the lake and she DRAGGED ME INTO THE LAKE instead (I'm looking at you, Melissa...).  But I do love watching "River Monsters" and marvel at how the host can still be alive after all the scrapes he gets himself into. And my mother has outdone herself yet again in creating some of the most realistic lures imaginable (see above picture) out of GOURDS. Yes, these two little lures are about 3 inches long, with hand-painted scales, hand-crimped copper fins, gemstones for eyes, and real treble hooks (I know they're real, because I've stabbed myself a half-dozens times just photographing the darn things).


Our newest book, "On The Hook" is set to be released by mid-month, and if you've ever hooked yourself in the shorts & thought a snapping turtle was biting you, you will enjoy it. And if you haven't ever been fishing, you'll get a proper Midwest fishing education. Have a great week and I will talk to you all soon!