Starting Our Next Book

As most authors do, once you complete your current book, you start planning for your next one. Sometimes this is fairly easy, if you are working on a series or companion pieces to other books you've written. Sometimes it's a little harder to narrow down what you want to do next, and you have to go to THE DRAWER. 


Every writer has THE DRAWER. In some cases, it might be a digital one, often called an Embryo File or some other version, with idea (either fully or partially manifested), synopses, treatments, maybe even a chapter or two. Or it could be a real drawer, full of files. Ours is a real drawer, and since we were both writing separately before we decided to work together, this drawer is **huge**. It was from this drawer that we have found our next book project. 


When you write with a partner, there is level of negotiation that has to happen. You may have similar writing styles, but often different reading interests, and those interests will color your choice of projects:


OK what do we have?

Hmm, a girl whose family is slain seeks vengeance against ---

Kinda dark, anything else?

A riverboat gambler --

Maybe current?

There's that one, but we have to change the mythology on it now.

Oh yeah. What about the one with the science lab?

Fine, but you only have it outlined for a few chapters.

Er, right...


Eventually we decided on our next three book projects. And that night, during a creative boon, we came up with completely different ideas. And now this morning, we decided to add another to the list and then pull it to the top of the list. I *think* I know what we're going to start working on tomorrow, but until those first few words hit the screen, it's really anyone's game.


I hope you all have a great week, and as always I will keep you up to date on our latest news. Talk to you soon!