Jewelry Fit For a Villain

We're getting closer and closer to releasing our Western Star series on paperback, and I'm so excited! I love my Kindle so much, but there are still some books that I want to hold in my hands, to curl up with when the weather is rainy or snowing or too hot to be outside (or, this last week, all of the above over a period of 18 hours. Yay Midwest weather!). The final piece was delivered to us this week, with the completion of the back cover of our fourth book. In that book (Dragons Over Two Moon), the villain distinguishes herself by wearing a striking bejeweled dragon pin. The pin is the perfect epitome of her: expensive, fiery and cold at the same time, a symbol of strength and danger, instantly recognizable and a hearken to the power she possesses. She isn't afraid of her enemies and she plans for nothing but total and complete domination. She's the perfect foil for our hero, and a worthy opponent in the epic battle that plays out. 


If you haven't read our Western Star series yet, I would recommend starting with Welcome to Two Moon. I know it's tempting to skip to the big battles, but the whole series is so rich in characters and action you would be doing yourself a disservice. I also hope you're enjoying our latest book, Fred and Ginger Every Thursday; we've been getting some great feedback from it, although we always appreciate those who take the extra minute to post reviews of our books on Amazon as well.  Have a great day and we will talk to you soon!