Of Course I'm Writing About You

When you're a writer, there are three questions you get on a fairly regular basis. 1) I have a great idea for a book; will you write it for me? 2) Can I be a character in your book? and 3) Are you going to put this into your book? 


Now, the answer to first question is ABSOLUTELY NOT. People who aren't writers don't understand how writing works; they think if they 'have a great idea' for a book, they've done the heavy lifting for you. I mean, you can't write a book without an idea, right?? That once you have the idea, all you have to do is sit down, pull up a blank page and by the next morning the book is completed, edited, and ready for print. The truth is, writers have thousands of ideas all the time, and the real trick is to stay focused on just one while all the other ideas are trying to get your attention. 


I usually agree to the second question. An old coworker of mine expressed his hope on numerous occasions his desire to be a character in one of my books, specifically one that has a spectacular death scene. I don't have a problem with this one at all; your friend or coworker is happy and it gives your character a bit more flesh as you describe them in the book.


The answer to the final question is OF COURSE whatever weird/crazy thing you just did in front of me is going to end up in one of my books. Do you think I'm going to waste the fact that you thought a pariah was a fish? That you tried to karate chop 3 giant slabs of Styrofoam with your head? Or the time you instantly became a germaphobe when we casually mentioned to you that your cubicle used to be the cube of the guy who never washed his coffee cup in 6 years? Really?


As an example, at least half of the antics that happen in All's Fair in Love and Karma happened to me personally. The bit with the heels being glued to the car were actually plastic crabs that a friend of mine glued all over the car of her nemesis, and the dinner party poisoning urban legend involved a woman I used to work with. But most of the rest were mine. (BTW the 3 examples above are also true, and they aren't even my best stories. Those will come soon enough).


I hope you're enjoying our newest book, Fred and Ginger Every Thursday, and we are continuing to get our back library available in print books. Stay tuned, and I will talk to you soon!