The Girl Scout Cookie Caper

There is a good reason why animals are often used as sidekicks or ancillary characters in books; they can be lovable, smart, whimsical, and loyal - but then it surprises no one when they go rogue and do something completely unexpected. 


Most of you will be aware that we are smack in the middle of Girl Scout cookie season. As a former Girl Scout, I am always proud and happy to support the next generation of girls expanding their horizons and making friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Some of my best childhood memories are trips or events I was able to participate in, partly due to the sale of cookies. Also, the cookies totally delicious.


Last year, they introduced the S'mores cookie, which is AMAZING. (Well, the version I tried. I hear there are 2 versions, and I haven't tried the sandwich cookie-looking one so I can't vouch for that one). These little gems are like chocolate grahams, but with a thin layer of marshmallow right under the chocolate. Incredible. They are easily in the top 3 best GS cookies ever. 


Now, I didn't tell anyone else I'd bought cookies as I didn't really want to share them (see the amazing tasting bit above), so when I brought them home I quickly stashed them so no one would see them. Of course, I didn't account for the dog, who happened to be AT THE COMPLETE OTHER END OF THE HOUSE and heard a teeny little crinkle of the wrapper. When he came into the living room I tried my best to look casual, but he wasn't buying it. Not only did he stare me down like a veteran interrogator, he literally sniffed once in the air then turned his head and zeroed in on the exact location of the package of cookies. And they weren't even open yet! I had to bribe this little creature with Lemonades (another delicious non-chocolate GS cookie) so he wouldn't narc on me to the others. 


If you can get your hands on S'mores cookies, I highly recommend it, but keep the package away from any pets or they will try and shake you down for part of them. And while we don't have any dogs in our books (yet), we do have a quite smart cat in our book, Haunted Hijinks, that you might enjoy. Until next time!