Sailing Free of the Bermuda Love Triangle

Hello and welcome to all those who successfully navigated the recent mandatory couple holidays! I actually like Valentine's Day in general; chocolate, cute cards with puns on them, lots of bright colors and candy, candy, candy! What I don't like is the panic that sets in with people who feel they either HAVE to find their one and only *right now* or they're with someone and HAVE to pull off the most perfect Valentine's Day ever, or their entire relationship is doomed. 


I have had a lot of fun on Valentine's Day, but it generally happened in ironic ways. There were several times in college when my best friend, John, and I walked around campus watching couples break up; another year a group of us went to see the cheesy horror film, "Valentine" in a surprisingly crowded movie theater. However, the best year was when my campus student activities council sponsored and Anti-Valentine's Day party. Admission was 25 cents if you were single; if you came with a date it was 5 dollars. It was held in the student union, and included both themed movies and themed snacks (my favorite: broken heart cookies, snapped in two). It was both empowering for the girls that attended, and terrifying for the boys. I still remember all the boys huddled around the pool table while the girls sat in a pack on the couch, watching Fatal Attraction and cheering loudly for the Glenn Close character. Every once in awhile, the boys would send a scout over to see if it was a good time to try and infiltrate the group. Inevitably, he would stay for a few seconds, glance nervously at the other boys, shake his head vigorously & skitter back over to the pool table. I think around the time "My Bloody Valentine" started, most had worked up the courage to come over to us  & everyone enjoyed the party. 


If you are tired of reading romance books (or romance books that never resemble anything a "real" relationship looks like), you might want to check out some of our books such as 'Psycho Bride' or 'All's Fair in Love and Karma'. These are not fairytale, romcom, everything happens perfectly books; these books have a little grit to them. And a lot of the things in the books have actually happened. The massage oil that causes a rash? I did that (accidentally) to a boyfriend of mine. The Nordictrak accident? Yep that's a true story. Poisoning an entire dinner party with homemade wine? Not me, but that did happen to a woman I worked with. So regardless of whether your Valentine's Day went the way you planned or not, dust yourself off, pick up a new book and enjoy yourself. See you next time!