So Many Proofs

As you may know, we are in the process of creating paperback versions of our books. Although I love ebooks (I recently treated myself and upgraded from my Gen 2 Kindle to a Paperwhite -- Love!!), there still is something about holding a book in your hands OG-style that is hard-wired into the human brain. Even if you have a digital copy you want to *feel* the book, like it makes the reading of it more real somehow. 


Well, you can't just use the same copy from your ebook to its real world manifestation. Spacing changes, paragraphs change, graphics change, invisible markups change. If you're not careful, the first proof of your book will look like you fell asleep halfway through editing it, woke up, shrugged your shoulders and hit "approve". 


We just got the proofs back for 3 more of our books (if you're interested, their purchase option should be next to the Kindle versions on Amazon); Psycho Bride, Hundred Proof Miracle, and Haunted Hijinks. We open the box excitedly to look at them, and all seemed to be going great. Until mom opens Haunted Hijinks: 


"Where are the chapters? Didn't we put in chapters?"

"I made all the changes you gave me."

"I could have sworn I added chapters."

"I wouldn't just ignore chapters if you put them in."

"Well, we need chapters."

"Fine, I can add chapters."

"I just don't understand where they went."


It turns out, I *didn't* ignore the chapters, I did add them in. And then I  didn't update the text portion of the book when I updated the cover. So, yea... Luckily it's a quick fix and I should be able to approve the HH paperback for sale pretty quickly. I may or may not tell mom, unless she reads this post.