The Dog Does Not Care About Your Work

It can be hard to stay motivated as a writer sometimes (especially a self-published one), even if you have a writing partner. All the responsibilities of getting your work out is up to you, and many of the ancillary things you have to do are quite tedious. Necessary, but not fun or very interesting. Compound this with a cute, lovable dog that presents an amazing argument to you about why you should spend the next hour on the couch petting them (their argument being: "I'm a dog. You should ignore everything else and pet me." That argument is bulletproof.), and suddenly it's evening and all you have to show for the day is Netflix suggesting a new series to you because you've finished your current one.


Sure, you can go to a coffee shop or a café or library and write, but if you want to stay at home you will have to resign yourself to the fact that your dogs will continue to passive-aggressively sigh and lay about trying to get your attention. Don't waste your time trying to reason with them (although I fully believe they know exactly what we're saying) because they do not care. But they will forgive you if you give them a sip of your macchiato and they will happily let you bounce ideas off them. (shout out to Cooper and Oscar, who both recognize the Starbucks logo on cups with startling speed).